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Wastewater treatment plant reduce maintenance and downtime with latest Rotary Lobe Pumps


A Wastewater Treatment Facility in Delaware, east of the United States urgently needed to replace their existing pump system with a new product that would greatly reduce maintenance and downtime. The Plant Operators said that their two current pumps would fail every three month and the longest operating pump would only last a year.

After investigating and asking for expert advice, the Wastewater Facility found a rotary lobe pump that was ideal for the heavy-duty application with easy to use operations. Impressed by the reputation of NETZSCH and their range of efficient positive displacement pumps, the team decided to install the latest Tornado Rotary Lobe Pumps for the facility. The new pumps feature full service in place (FSIP) which offer low lifecycle costs and easy servicing for the user.

The company has found that the new rotary lobe pumps have instantly reduced the maintenance and downtime in the two sludge treatment applications, including the digester recirculation and transferring of thickened sludge. The Plant Maintenance Engineer has mentioned in terms of maintenance, the team loves the new NETZSCH pumps stating that it only takes 15 minutes to check. The pump design also makes it easy to repair allowing the user access through the face cover when fixing a seal, without having to ever pull the complete pump out making it simple to use.

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