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Vertical pump design proves significant results for Sewage Treatment Plant


A new pump was required to be installed in a narrow space at the Minworth Sewage Treatment Works, UK. A solution to the confined space problem was a vertically designed rotary lobe pump by Börger, which has dramatically reduced maintenance expenses and interruptions for the Sewage Treatment Plant.

The Maintenance-In-Place (MIP) feature has made life easier for the maintenance staff without having to remove the whole system for servicing, which was an issue with the previous progressive cavity units. The rotary lobe pump was mounted with angled (helical bevel) direct drive gearboxes to allow simple installation. Also the energy efficient 5.5kW PL200 Borger pumps are designed for easy access when replacing wear parts without having to disassemble any drive or pipe systems.

Börger have an unmatched reputation for rotary lobe pumps; their inventive principle of a self-priming, valveless positive displacement pump range has found its market in all major industries. To enquire about our range of Börger pumps and other products, contact Dynapumps on 1300 788 579 or email To read the full article from Water Online, visit this page: Börger Pumps article.

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