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With the current surge in demand for oil and gas worldwide, exploration companies are determined to accomplish higher yields while processing difficult sources, such as heavy fuel oils with exceedingly high solid content. Progressing cavity pumps, which maintain balanced conveying rates regardless of consistency, are used for the smooth transportation of abrasive and corrosive mixtures of oil, gas, water and sand.

For the high volumes necessary, NETZSCH have developed a new range of L.Cap high-performance pumps with flow rates up to 1000m3/h and pressures up to 20 bar. As with most progressing cavity pumps, the technical foundation for the L.Cap is the interaction of a helix rotor turning in a stator that is geometrically altered to it. This assigning principle guarantees delivery at even pressures with stable flow rates, even when there is high viscid and multiphase fluids with high gas or sand content. The L.Cap progressing cavity pumps also ensure optimal flow levels, long service life and minimal maintenance, regardless of abrasive sand and/or chemical effects of oil and gas.

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