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Making waste water treatment easier with rotary lobe pumps


Recycled service water from industrial processes can be one of the most problematic types of waste water due to its configuration and is often demanding for conveying systems. To invest in trouble-free treatment of this type of waste water, NETZSCH  manufacture a series of Rotary Lobe Pumps named TORNADO® which can withstand a variety of abrasive media and is especially designed for long service life with minimum wear or issues.

A German manufacturer of building materials and parts frequently experienced significant amounts of mineral waste water with gravel up to 20mm in size when cleaning the mixing plant. The mixture is composed into a settling tank from where it has to be transferred to a treatment plant via a 10m long riser for further separation and dewatering. The equipment that was previously used were centrifugal submersible pumps, which had been operating since 2015 and could no longer withstand the sand and grit in the water because of the high speed that’s required. Extreme abrasion and wear meant it was not the correct pump for the application, and therefore after expert consultation the equipment was replaced with a robust Rotary Lobe Pumps.

The NETZSCH TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pumps were selected because they're specifically designed to be exceptionally vigorous and built for long service life with minor need for maintenance. The reason for this is the inventive selection of materials, instead of elastomer lobes revolving in a metal housing, this involves two hardened steel lobes rotating in a rubber housing insert, thus making it simple to replace. The steel is less vulnerable to material fatigue due to dynamic forces of the content that arise when repeated pressure on the elastomer or plastic rotary lobes; which means extended durability of the moving components. There is less distortion of the metal with altering the temperature and allows lower tolerances in manufacturing creating higher efficiency.

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