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Dynapumps Supplies a Variety of Pumps to Kwale Mineral Sands Project


The Kwale Mineral Sands Project is located in Kenya, 50km south of Mombasa and 10km inland from the Indian Ocean. The sands have been found to contain the heavy minerals Rutile, Ilmanite and Zircon in economically viable concentrations. The mineral deposits are concentrated in a belt of low hills parallel to the coast line and have been separated into three areas; the Central Dune, South Dune and the North Dune which is currently not the focus of the project. The minerals are deposited in the stratified Aeolian sands of the Magarini Formation from the wind over many years . Ilmenite, zircon and rutile occur in the stratified Aeolian sands of the Magarini Formation in localised concentrations after many years of wind causes erosion of the coastal dunes.

Dynapumps has had a significant amount of involvement in the development of this project. Provided by Dynapumps are the Fuel System Pumps, Agitation and Dilution Pump, Process Water Settlement Pond Pump and the Fire Pump Set.

Both the Agitation and Dilution Pump and the Process Water Settlement Pond Pump are required to complete different stages in the Wet Concentrator Plant part of the process. The Agitation and Dilution Pump forms part of the desliming circuit, which is necessary to facilitate the separation of minerals. As Dynapumps is skilled in supplying a wide variety of custom pump skids, we were able to meet Base Resources pumping needs in a variety of areas. 

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The Agitation and Dillution Pump        The Fire Water Pump during the testing process at
being prepared for transport.                Dynapumps in-house testing facilities.Dynapumps in house testing facilities.

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