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Dynapumps congratulate Dan Eaton's promotion to Site Service Technician


We would like to congratulate Dan Eaton who has been promoted to Site Service Technician, who has worked with Dynapumps for nearly eleven years.

Since 2002, Dan has earned experience in the engineering industry starting in the workshop building pump sets, pipe work and developing skills in welding frames for systems, all built to Australian and International standards. The pump sets he worked on were commissioned in the workshop and on-site throughout WA and internationally, all have achieved successful and timely completion with Dan's involvement in all projects.

Dan also has skills in servicing and maintaining operational pumping systems and related equipment. His skills also include repairing and rebuilding of pumping systems, plus reporting to the clients on the projects progress.

As further expansion of Dynapumps support to existing and new clients, we are proud to promote Dan Eaton as the new Site Service Technician to look after our clients needs and requirements. Dan Eaton can be contacted on +61 (0)419 936 304 or via email at

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