Internal Gear Pumps - Z Series

  • Internal Gear Pumps - Z Series SKU066

    Low flow general purpose industrial applications. Ideally suited for fuel oil transfer and injection processes particularly OEM uses.


    • Mechanical seal/hydraulic packing
    • Integral bypass/pressure relief valve - optional
    • Direct coupling to synchronous speed motors
    • High efficiency
    • Robust, lightweight and compact
    • Materials of Construction
    • Casing - Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
    • Rotors - Ductile Iron, Cast Iron
    • Shaft - High tensile hardened alloy steel

    Range of performance

    • Flows to 24 L/min (6.3 gpm)
    • Differential Pressures to 20 bar (290 psi) 
    • Viscosities to 10,000 cSt
    • Temperatures to 200°C

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