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    Dynavac is a leading manufacturer of laboratory to commercial size Freeze Dryers. Freeze Drying is a sophisticated method for removing water from a wide range of organic substances without biological damage or other adverse effects. Products which undergo this process can be stored indefinitely without affecting bacterial and enzyme activity, shape, colour, taste or smell. Tissues or other matter can be prepared for histochemical, histological and microscopic examination or further research.


    • Dry chamber clear screen door uses aerospace high strength acrylic to ensure no leakage
    • Partition pre-freeze functionality
    • The compressors guarantee efficiency and stability with noise reduction
    • High pumping speed and low noise
    • The user-friendly touch screen provides simple operation
    • Can be filled with nitrogen or inert gas after drying


    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceutical Vaccines
    • Medicines
    • Biological Chemicals
    • Anatomical, Biological and Zoological tissues
    • Document preservation
    • Transfusions
    • Clinical hormones
    • Anti-toxins
    • Vitamin products
    • Chemical compounds & substances
    • Transplants
    • Animal preservation

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