Agilent VacIon Plus 1000 Pump

  • Agilent VacIon Plus 1000 Pump SKU067

    The VIP 1000, with a 12 inch “ConFlat” inlet flange, can be used for those applications that require the evacuation of large volume chambers where stable and ultrahigh vacuum is needed. To ensure cleanliness, the VIP 1000 undergoes a complete factory process, including outgassing of the body and internal components in a high-temperature (450°C) vacuum oven. A full automated leak check is executed at the beginning and at the end of the process.

    To guarantee the pump’s specifications, a final electrical check is performed. These processes ensure that the Agilent pump is shipped under ultrahigh vacuum with the highest level of cleanliness available in the ion pump market. The VIP 1000 can be purchased in Diode and StarCell configuration and with or without heater to satisfy the most common application requests.


    • Element cells are optimized to maximize discharge intensity and pumping speed
    • Ion pumps are shipped under vacuum
    • A wide range of pumping speeds available
    • Many pump body configurations are available
    • Interlocking feedthroughs provide easy connection, eliminate corrosion, and minimize overall pump size
    • Three different types of pumping elements are available for all possible gas mixtures
    • Special ceramic insulators provide long pump life

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